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Unprecedented! That’s how I would describe 2015 for our company. We have seen unprecedented growth and made unprecedented improvements in so many areas: Software functionality, accessibility, usability and aesthetics  Implementation services User documentation User community tools Client service and training Value-chain partnerships Sales / number of clients New employees During 2015, we have focused our efforts on pushing our software and services to unprecedented levels. And we are trul...
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Canadian Common CV: Lightening the Load for the Research Community in Canada

Since 2002, Canada has been investing in its research community through the development of the Canadian Common CV (CCV). The CCV allows researchers to collect and manage their CV data in a central repository and creates efficiencies in the funding application process. The CCV has its challenges, but the benefits far exceed them. After an initial investment of time in loading data from other sources (such as citation databases like Google Scholar and Web of Science) and from manual...
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Five Top Ways Altmetrics are Impacting Universities

The impact of research has traditionally been measured by metrics, such as journal impact factors and the times cited; however, the evolution of technology and social media has fostered the growth of alternative metrics (called altmetrics) to provide new research metrics that complement traditional metrics.   While alternative measures are still in their early stages, they are becoming a significant part of the scholarly culture by measuring the attention given to scholarly activities ...
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Demonstrating Impact in the Research Community

What does the term ‘impact’ really mean in the research community? This was the discussion topic for a panel of speakers at a recent Research Impact Spotlight event hosted by Digital Science.  According to Jonathan Adams, chief scientist at Digital Science, there are many perspectives related to ‘impact’ that need to be examined, including greater expectations of research, increased competition for funding, the UK’s 2014 Research Excellence Framework, more non-traditional outputs, new data...
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ORCID Researcher IDs: Pilot at Eight Universities in the UK

Providing an international system to link journal publications and other research information to the correct researcher has been the driving force behind ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID). In a recent online article on the Research Information web site, authors Verena Weigert and Rob Johnson report on a pilot where eight universities in the United Kingdom implemented ORCID identifiers in their systems and workflows. Key questions and findings were: Should researchers be required by t...
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